Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Look Out-My Tomboy is Showing

OK, so I'm going to go a little bit tomboy on this one. Here are five vehicles that would be in my Fantasy Garage.

2009 red Mini Cooper S (Turbo)
2009 black Kawasaki Ninja 250 (I would rather have a Suzuki Hayabusa, but it's too much motorcycle for little ole me. Oooh! Or maybe a splashy Ducati Superbike!)
1969 orange convertible VW Thing
1948 hunter green Chevy pickup truck
1976 maroon and cream two toned t-top corvette (oops! My high profile trailer trashiness is peeking!)

The Ninja is a throw away for the Fantasy Garage since I own a black 2005 Ninja 250, but I still must have a motorcycle in there, and that's the best one I've ridden or owned.

So, tell me, what's in your Fantasy Garage?


Victoria said...

Okay, I'll play!
1. 2010 Suburban - black and with every ammenity.
2. 1969 Convertible Firebird - cherry red with a black top.
3. A yellow Jeep - I don't care what year as long as its got big tires and some chrome.
4. 1966 Convertible Corvette - don't know what color.
5. A Harley that's my size - not that I know how to ride or anything, but I want to learn.
I'd also like a 1966 step-side Chevy pick up with a wooden bed. And an old tripped out Impala station wagon.
I think we might be well-matched on the tomboy-ness. I'm such a redneck.
Word verification: Repones - repossessed dollar bills.

Victoria said...

HA! I just realized I put 2010 Suburban - which should be 2009! I'm jumping ahead of myself again! lol

New word verification: Nuorrab - there would be a picture of me beside it, because I can't seem to help being a ninny...or a "noub" as my oldest daughter says.

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks for playing! I think we are well matched. If I had lots of time and room I'd do a top ten. I think I'd have a BRAT in the top ten, just because!

WV - Ha! Crazy woman!

Victoria said...

A Brat! Heee! That's a blast from the past!
A top ten would be good! I'd have to have a new, fast car, too. Like maybe a new vette in black or red.

Word verification: Couchap - the trouble your couch gets into when its alone. "What happens on the couch, stays on the couch".

Ava Quinn said...

Couchap - Baaa haaa haaa! You're bad!

Yeah, a new fast car would be good on the top ten. Maybe an Audi TT.

Then there should be the top 5 never would I be seen in a . . .
I'd have to say Le Car. Remember those POS's? I have a couple others, too. I know what I'm bloggin' about tomorrow!

Victoria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victoria said...

Bwah ha ha!
That's a great idea.
I'll give you one of mine now...A Yugo!!

WV: factom: the burial place for facts.
Okay...if this posts twice...sorry.
New WV: Addses: A game numbers play when they're bored.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You guys crack me up.

Okay, I can't play as well as you can, but here's mine:

Black 1967 Chevy Impala. Duh.

1968 Ford Mustang, dark green

2008 Dodge Charger, to channel my inner Duke and indulge my desire for something NEW

2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

and for rides near the beach, a Bugger, what we called my mother's best friend's classic Mercedes two-seater convertible, don't know the name or year. :(

WV: corin--hey, if yer corin' to the store, get me some beer!

Ava Quinn said...

Good ones Natalie! I'm diggin' the '68 Mustang the most.

If you're corin' to the liquor store pick me up a 40!

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