Sunday, July 26, 2009

Retro Cartoons

Here were some of my favorites.

Hong Kong Phooey #1 super guy

I wasn't an Under Dog fan. It was Hong Kong Phooey all the way for me. And Scatman Crothers sang the theme song. Can't get much cooler than that.


Probably the least effective of the Super Friends, but the only blond, which was extremely important in my misspent youth.

Penelope Pitstop

She was the only girl racer in The Wacky Races, though she was never able to help herself when she got kidnapped. Someone would always have to save her, which annoyed me to no end.

El Kabong

"Of all the heroes in legend and song, there's none as brave as El Kabong" Need I say more?

And The Mighty Heroes were lots of fun.

So, any classics you claim as favorites? I'll even refrain from rolling my eyes if you choose The Snorks.


Haleine said...

I was always a She-Ra fan. He-Man too, by default. Though I do have to confess to many a Saturday morning spent watching the Snorks.

Ava Quinn said...

*must control eyeballs!*

Hey, Haleine. Have to say I leaned more towards the Thundercats. Panthro was the man.

I couldn't get behind He-Man's page boy 'do, even if he was a blond. Though She-Ra was pretty cool!

Haleine said...

I watched the Thundercats EVERY afternoon. Pantro and Cheetara all the way!

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