Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now for Something Completely Different

I had known that NPR was doing 50 Great Voices this year, but was inspired by this entry on the blog I May Have Been Born Yesterday, But I Stayed Up All Night *sends a salute in Kameron's virtual direction* to make a pick of my own for inclusion in the NPR celebration.

I've been kicking around doing a post on this amazing singer for a while, and this was an easy opportunity to do it. Yma Sumac was born in Peru and is said to be the only known person to have a voice with a five octave range. It is also believed that she had no formal musical training and couldn't read music.

Here is some rare footage of Yma accompanied by my favorite song of hers - Gopher Mambo.

I also think Freddie Mercury and Bing Crosby should be included on the list. Because, really, how can you pick just one?

So how about you? Who do you think should be included in 50 Greatest Voices?


Misty said...

WOW!!!! That was awesome and so freaking impressive. What a cool voice. Thanks for sharing it.

Ava Quinn said...

She is so spot on. I love her voice. Glad you enjoyed it!

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