Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back At The Desk . . . Sorta

So I've been experiencing technical difficulties with my computer. It crapped out last week, and in that time I've come to some limited terms with my newly discovered internet and computer addictions. My window to the world was dark. *unholy shudders*

I've got some bandaid fixes on the computer, and it's up and running - for now. It must have been that last huge entry about Sasquatches Who Shanghai. That'll teach me to make a long post.

This also means I probably won't make my writing goal for the month. I'm way behind and it's doubtful I'll catch up by Saturday morning. So at this point, why bother.

I'm still sick and haven't been out on my motorcycle in over a month. I'm going into withdrawal. If only I could get out and ride. It would change my attitude in an instant. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Riding a motorcycle is better than therapy.

So lay it on me - either computer crapping stories (yeah, I called it that) or things that are better than therapy. I could really use the lift.


Haleine said...

So sorry to hear about your computer woes. They are never, ever fun. I've had some problems with mine in the past. Most notably and heart stopping was back at the end of June when my hard drive just crapped out on me for no apparent reason, taking with it my entire life's work. Fortunately, I live with a very talented tech monkey so he was able to eventually recover my hard drive and restart my heart.

And as for things that are better than therapy...well, I personally don't think much of therapy so I might be the wrong person to ask, because I think most things are better than therapy. I prefer chocolate, jogging and shopping for books. Not necessarily in that order.

Victoria said...

Ugh on your computer! You already know my grand crapping out story - the Grande cup of coffee in my keyboard!
I'm sorry you haven't been on your bike in over a month! And as for your writing goal...*shakes head* I'm sorry for that too!
Here's some therapy for you...cprw meeting on Saturday with lunch after!
And maybe a glass of wine!

Ava Quinn said...

Good stuff, Melissa. I'm not really one for therapy either. Haven't tried it. But whenever I get to thinking it might be a good idea for me and all the craziness bouncing around in my brain, I take a ride and blow it all out at top speed.

Ava Quinn said...

I'm thinking I may need a muy grande sized bowl of sangria after the meeting, V. This on again off again computer of mine is driving me batty!!

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