Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Wollman Test of Reality

About three years ago I posted a rant. (Don't be so shocked. I can rant if I want to!) In that rant, I referenced an article I'd read in Reader's Digest many years ago. I think I was around fourteen years of age when I read it, and it made a lasting impact on me.

I got some of the details a little mixed up, but the message was clear. In life, is this a problem or an inconvenience?

Well, a wonderful woman left a comment saying she was looking for the same article and if she ever found it, she'd let me know. I had looked for a while, but came up empty. Well, Maureen contacted me today saying she found the original article. And here it is, very appropriately on Thanksgiving, in all it's glory.

The Wollman Test of Reality

Go and read it. You won't be sorry.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great story. I might have to use that in my health class at some point. Everything is such high drama when you're a teenager.

Ava Quinn said...

Yes it is, Sue. Hope it's helpful!

Misty said...

That was beautiful! And very true. Thanks for sharing. It gave me a lot to think about right when I needed it. I love when that happens.

Ava Quinn said...

I love when that happens too. Glad it was there for you at the right time.

Gordon said...

I directed a short film based on that article for resilience training. Here's the youtube link.

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