Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Is That A Train?

I'm coming to the light at the end of the tunnel, or the end of my rope. Whichever comes first.

Got back yesterday afternoon from chaperoning 30 Girl Scouts through tours of Corning, NY's glass museum and Niagara Falls. It was awesome, yet exhausting.

Now I'm back on the horse getting all the last minute prep stuff done for the final science day. 200 third through fifth graders this time. Possibilities of thundershowers every day, including the day we're scheduled to go. And this morning one of the park naturalists asked if it was possible to change her station so that the kids--all 200 of them--could go into the water and look for macro-invertebrates. Which I would love for them to do. But not with TWO DAYS NOTICE!!!!

So I'm emailing people, including the principal--who has not yet mastered the mystery that is the reply button on said emails--and trying not to lose my ever loving mind.

Writing, you say? What writing? Is there such a thing? Why yes, yes there is. Just not a lot of it going on at Chez Quinn at the moment.*

But there will be.


I'm determined.

Book revisions. Blog posts that are funny and not complaints. IT WILL HAPPEN. Very. Soon.

You've been warned, Citizens.

For now, I have to get back to drowning in crazy. Thanks for stopping by! Come again!

*Two weeks ago I was in writing paradise-aka writing retreat. MUCH revising got done then, just not this week. Next week? Look out!


Pat Hatt said...

Well if you start to drown be sure and look for macro-invertebrates lol

Ava Quinn said...

Ha!! Good one, Pat!

Andrea said...

I feel lucky if I can string five words together, and even more amazed if I can remember what they were long enough to type them out!

Hey, based on field trip outings, are you in my neck of the CNY woods?

Ava Quinn said...

I feel you on the word count, Andrea.

We were in your neck of the woods. Corning, then up to Niagara. Good times. And I didn't lose one girl scout, though there were a few I would have liked to have left on your doorstep had I known... lol!

Chrys Fey said...

You had to chaperon 30 Girl Scouts? Here, sit down. Let me pour you a drink. ;)

Liz Blocker said...

I am SO GLAD you included that little asterisk at the bottom, because it means you actually maybe for once got a few hours to yourself to write. I love that :)

Good luck on the final stretch! YOU CAN DOOOOO IT!

Also. 200 kids in the water. Two days' notice. How is it that this woman was serious????

Julie Flanders said...

Just reading about chaperoning 30 kids is enough to give me a panic attack. I would be headed straight for the psych ward, no doubt.
Good luck with the science fair - I hope all goes well.

Sherry Ellis said...

Hopefully when school is out, you'll have time for writing. Sounds like you have a lot going on!

Melissa said...

I hear ya. It'll get better. Just re-post the boxing squirrels in the meantime, and you're good. :P

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Hey, even your complaints are entertaining. I get tired just reading about all you have going on. Hope to see you at a writer's meeting soon.

Delynn Royer said...

Ah, yeah… wasn’t retreat just so so so nice? (And there are too many folks who have not mastered the mystery of that reply button.) I’ll be looking forward to more of the funny kind of crazy from you when that dust finally settles… not long now!

Caryn Caldwell said...

Wow! That does sound crazy!! I hope things will be under control soon and that you'll be back to writing. I also hope you get responses to your emails soon, because it is so annoying when people can't seem to reply!

Carol Kilgore said...

Go with the flow! And enjoy :)

Ava Quinn said...

@Chrys- Thanks! I needed that!

@Liz- Thanks. It's coming. A little slowly due to other commitments at the moment, but it'll speed up this week. And yeah, she was serious. It worked out, and only 1 of the 200 kids actually fell fully in the water. So I'm calling it a win!

@Julie-Thanks! They haven't come to take me away yet. (They'll have to catch me first.)

@Sherry- Yep. Spring and New Year's are my busy volunteering time, so now I plan on rocking some word count.

@Melissa- Thanks for the encouragement! I'll have to repost some of the squirrels on Twitter for #ThrowbackThursday!

@Sue- Thanks! I'll be at the June one next week. Hope to see you there!

@Delynn- Sigh, retreat... It was wonderful. The crazy will be forthcoming here at Tongue In Cheek in the very near future!

@Caryn- Ain't it the truth? I'll be working hard to "bichok" just about every day!

@Carol- Thanks! You too!

Lexa Cain said...

I sympathize. Although not on the order of 200 schoolkids, I have 3 blog hops this week (Celebrate, Favorite Vacation, and IWSG.) That's a lot of blogs to visit. My WIP hasn't seen a lick of work in about 3 weeks. Very depressing. But, like you, I have hope that "someday I'll write again" will come soon. :)

cleemckenzie said...

You need a lot of energy to deal with all of that and an not responsive principal. Good luck and happy writing days when you find them

A Beer For The Shower said...

Just remember you can complain AND be funny! That's practically our entire blog. Good luck, and try not to lose your mind!

M.J. Fifield said...

Yeah, I'm exhausted just reading about what you have going on. If I had to do that, I wouldn't have gotten anything written. Including a blog post.

Hang in there!

Cherie Reich said...

Goodness! All that sounds very stressful. I hope everything went well, though.

Loni Townsend said...

I hope that light turned out to be a good one, and not one that'll run you over!

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