Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Need Me Some

Minions like these.


Haleine said...

My current minions are a perpetually sleepy German Shepherd and an potentially insane Belgian Malinois...good thing they're cute.

Funny clip. It looks like my type of movie.

Ava Quinn said...

I'm sure your minions serve you well. Even with the cuteness aside.

I think I may have to see this flick just for the minions, alone.

Carla said...

How'd you find a video of my teenagers fighting each other? Well, okay, they're not as yellow and they're slightly taller, but everything else is spot on.

Too bad those minions can't be trained to do dishes or laundry. I know mine can't.

I didn't know until today you had a blog! You can see how well I pay attention. :P Great job! LOVE those pics!

Off to go read some more! Thanks again for today! The girls are all writing on our Yahoo loop and on FB what a great workshop you gave! They were all very impressed! Same time next year? :)

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Carla! I really have to join Facebook now, then I could actually see what they're saying!

I would LOVE to do it again next year for you guys. I had such a great time. I just posted an entry about how much fun it was.

It was great to get to see you again. I have lots to thank you for! Talking to me at conference and helping to set up my talk down there. You rock!!

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