Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Is It That

~ my biggest fantasy right now is to acquire a sleep number bed?

~ the more laundry I do, the more there is; yet articles of my clothing go MIA?

~ I only have three tube socks? Not three pair, just three matching socks.

~ the radio stations around here insist on playing Billy Joel every hour?

~ every time I get close to making the sea monkeys my minions, their lawyer shows up, dripping sea water on my carpets, and brandishing more demands?

~ my motorcycle rides never last as long as they ought to?


Victoria said...

Three matching socks? Sounds like my house - with that and the laundry.
Good luck with the minion negotiations.
21 days until retreat! (does that help?)

Susan Kelley said...

Seems like every blog I visit today is a list of complaints. It must be the endlessly gloomy weather today.
I hate water on the carpets.

Ava Quinn said...

Yes it does, V! Heaps!!

Ava Quinn said...

It must be. I'm ready for some spring weather, Sue. It would definitely improve my mood.

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