Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nothing to Joke About

I know the name up there says Tongue in Cheek, but today I just couldn't find the humor. I read a blog post yesterday that still is striking a chord in me. The arrogance and narrow view point of the author just boggled my mind. I have many similarities with the author. We are both white, suburban stay at home moms living in the United States. But though our demographics are strikingly similar, our world view is not.

This woman, with her condescending tone, preached to her choir about the horrors of . . . sending your child to daycare. She called it "child abandonment" and pulled observations out of her ass and passed them off as gospel.

Woman, I don't even know where to begin. Not all people who put their children in child care do it so they can "have the second income to be able to afford a second luxury car." They do it out of necessity. Secondly, abandonment means you leave and never come back. Not you leave, and pick them up in a few hours. It's been done for ages.

America survived and built itself during the "children should be seen, but not heard" era.

Just because you were raised during the "Baby on Board" generation where everyone gets a participation trophy and there are never any losers, doesn't mean that sending your child to preschool makes that parent the spawn of Lucifer.

Get a fricking world view. If the evils of dropping off at daycare are throwing shivers of horror down your spine, you need to expand your horizons.

Check into some of these real issues:
June's death toll for Afghanistan coalition forces were the highest of the entire war.

Stoning to death of female victims of rape

FGM still occurs today to millions of little girls.

Children conscripted
into armies.

So, lady, before I jump down off my soap box and return to my regularly scheduled blog full of nonsense, remember this. Not every parent in the U.S. has the financial choice to stay at home with their children. Not only that, but most children, under the tutelage of caring professionals thrive and flourish in that environment, picking up new learning paths and social skills. Not every child should be exposed to only one point of view all day long. If they do, they'll end up as narrow minded and stunted in the knowledge of real world problems as you are and will never become a productive member of our free thinking society.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Amen, Ava. I sent my kids to a private day care run by an elementary teacher who decided to stay at home when she had her first child. It was wonderful. Those kids are in their twenties now and still very good friends. Everyday they were thrilled to go and thrilled to see me. Yes, I missed being at home with them but they didn't suffer for their experience at all.
There are a lot of real problems out there. Too bad some people can't see beyond their own tiny world.

Ava Quinn said...

I just couldn't keep my mouth shut for this.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Hear hear and amen and sing it, child!

If someone feels daycare is the wrong choice for them and their children, great. But judging all the rest of us? Deserves a slap upside the head.

I'll match my straight-A, genius IQ, perfect attendance, behavior awarded kids who went to daycare for 9+ and 6+ years (respectively) up against her preshus baybees any day! (Whoops. People like that bring out the worst in me.)

Ava Quinn said...

Yeah, I had a hard time with lots of things she said and definitely how she said it.

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