Monday, April 18, 2011

Ahh, Zombieland

Whilst at the zombie prom as part of the zombie response unit last month, Misty Simon's husband made me aware of the movie Zombieland. Misty's enthusiastic endorsement was also key in my checking it out.

All I can say is, Yowza- it's awesome. Definitely in my top five all time horror cult classic list. It hasn't bumped Evil Dead off the very top, but it definitely placed in the top five ranking.

I adored Columbus's lists and Tallahassee's quest for the last remaining Twinkies on Earth. Just gory fun with a small side of Bill Murray. You can't go wrong. I have to say, though, that I was annoyed with the cheap plot device to force an all out zombie mowdown at the end. They could have gotten the same thing without making the heroine, who up until then was smart, make the dumbest choice ever and need to be saved. It was cheap, but really, in a horror movie, you come to expect the writer to have the girl become too stupid to live.

In that vein, just think about the obligatory naked-hot-chick-who-just-gets-done-having-sex-getting-whacked-by-the-bad-guy trope. Even Hitchcock used the make-the-woman-be-dumb-at-the-end-so-I-can-have-one-last-scary-scene in The Birds. Click here for the scene

But, shockingly, I digress. Zombieland. It's good stuff.

Speaking of movies to see, I've found one that I must see. The last one I HAD to see was Ninja Assassin. I expected no plot, lots of action and special effects. Pretty much what I got in all its slasher, kungfu goodness. They must have had tankers full of fake blood on set to supply the amount that was used in the film. But now. NOW! There's this -

Oh you can bet your bottom zombie that I will see this in the theater. Plus it has the actor that played Bones in Star Trek 2009. He is fantastic.



M.J. Fifield said...

I'm not much of a horror fan. In fact, I don't think I could make a list of my five favorite horror movies because I'm not sure I've seen that many. I loved Shaun of the Dead though. That was hysterical.

Ava Quinn said...

Then you'd probably like Zombieland, too, Melissa. It's a bit gross with the zombies, but hilarious.

Misty said...

I love anything with Simon Pegg! And yes Zombieland was wicked fun. I want to see The Priest too. Looks awesome :)

Verification - andebed? Do want a chair andebed?

Ava Quinn said...

Yes, I would like a chair andebed. Soft ones, please!

And I will be seeing Priest in the theater. It must be so!

Thanks for the tip on Zombieland!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I watched Zombieland about the same time you did, and also loved it. It had been on my list for a long time, but the party definitely pushed it up for me. I adore Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone.

I want to see Priest, too! Maybe we should organize an excursion. (Except J wants to see it, too, so maybe I can't. :( )

Ava Quinn said...

Hey! No getting my hopes up like that and then dashing them, Damschroder. That's just cruel and unusual!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Well then let's do it! Maybe a triple date! What say you, Misty?

(FYI, I have a babysitter available for either or both of you. :) )

Ava Quinn said...

I'm in, Natalie! Just say when!!

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