Monday, May 12, 2014

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Going To Writer's Paradise

Remember that annoying commercial? No? Then by all means, let me inflict it upon you.

*subtext I hear

I'm really going to get you to hate me by the end of this post, I'm afeared. But I had to share. After all the craziness of the volunteerism gone mad from my life last month, I get to go indulge in my yearly writer's retreat. My local writer's group--whom I love like my youngest Urchin loved Alice Cooper when she was 4--goes away for three glorious days to a beautiful facility close to Pittsburgh. And all we do is write. And eat. And laugh. And then write some more. And it's BEAUTIFUL!!

No taxiing Urchins everywhere. No making meals. No doing laundry. No dealing with parental volunteers and evil principals and buying and creating supplies in the name of science education. No three year olds from my preschool yelling MORE JUICE!!. No glitter.**

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 Just me and my WIP that I've completely ignored in order to bring outdoor science education to 320 school children in a fun learning environment.(If I say it like that, I'm a little less bitter about it taking over my life. A very little bit.)

Some of my older followers may remember that I got partial requests from Harlequin and Sourcebooks for this one. And you may remember that Sourcebooks sent me a revise and resend for the full. Well, I'm going to revise like sea monkeys vie for world domination. Ruthlessly. (except with much less slime.) I want to make huge progress to make up for all the time I lost in April. Needless to say, I'm pretty damn excited!

The month of May is also turning into author interview month here at Tongue In Cheek. Last week I had the fabulous Melissa Maygrove over for the Sea Monkey Author Interview. I will be having two other authors from my writers' group here--one a week--to answer questions and then traverse through the sea monkey SAT portion of the interview.

So what are you doing this month? How's your writing going? Any insane volunteering going on in your life at the moment? Have your children/nieces/nephews/neighbor children had unhealthy obsessions with 70s rock stars? I wanna know!!

*Hate me because I'm a self absorbed ninny who thinks no deeper than appearances.


Pat Hatt said...

They cat is rhyming this month, licking his arse and eating, does that count?

Ava Quinn said...

So pretty much same old, same old. lol!

M.J. Fifield said...

I'd say that after everything you did last month, you're due for a fabulous writers retreat. Enjoy yourself!

My niece seems to really like AC/DC, which kills my significant other because he really doesn't like them. He'd much prefer her to be a Metallica fan.

Melissa said...

Don't hate me because I'm fabulous. :P

Go, go, go! Pretty soon, I'll be hosting you for release day! :D

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You so deserve the break. Go have fun and revise away.

Ava Quinn said...

I agree with both of them, MJ. And thanks!!

Ava Quinn said...

Lol, Melissa!! I can only hope!!

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Sue!! :)

40Plus Teenager said...

jealous of the writers retreat...hi, and keeping up with you now. :)

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