Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Can't Birthday Parties Be Easy?

Right now we are camping. I'm thrilled. Sorry, didn't mean to get that sarcasm all over you. That was just rude of me.

Each year I take one for Team Quinn and go camping for almost two weeks. So I'm leaving you with a rerun. And therefore, I won't be able to answer any comments until I get back. Yeah. THAT kind of camping.

Four days before we left for this trip I was hosting ten 7-year-olds outside in a torrential downpour for my youngest Urchin's birthday.

This rerun is from 2009, which NOT coincidentally appeared a few days before my Oldest Urchin's birthday. (There's a connection here. For some reason birthday parties can never run smoothly at Chez Quinn.) The day before this post I was mopping up vomit from the rest of the family and wrote that I felt like I had a bulls-eye on my back. Well, the next day...

Target Acquired

Yeah. It hit me last evening, before dinner. Only a day before my oldest daughter's birthday party. Can I say that I now have a new appreciation for vomiting in the wee hours since your stomach has had time to digest. I won't go into the degrees of chunkiness, just let it be known that I have changed my opinion.

So now I'm dealing with sore abdomen and back muscles from throwing up. When I was younger I believed it was important to stay in shape in case you had to hang from somewhere high up for a long period of time. Whether it be off a cliff, a high rise, high tension lines - what have you. Obviously you're up there due to an escape attempt from a psychopath and/or mercenaries.

Now that I'm old, I believe you need to stay in shape because you don't want sore muscles after a night of flu induced puking. So to that end I've put in an order for the Hawaii chair. Because really - who doesn't want to get fit while they sit?


Stephanie Faris said...

LOL to working out your abs to prepare for vomiting! I never thought about it before, but usually when I've gotten sick, it's started overnight, so that probably is the best time. Someone told me if you wet a towel with cold water and put it behind your neck, it will help battle nausea. It has actually worked for me a few times, but most of the time, if you're going to throw up, you'll throw up. It just helps make you feel better before, during, and after.

Robin said...

I hope no one gets the flu on your camping excursion. On the plus side, I guess you wouldn't have to clean up the vomit so long as the "incident" didn't happen in your tent.

Pat Hatt said...

Blah to the throw up, hopefully none of that comes due. And you can keep the great outdoors too.

M.J. Fifield said...

Two WEEKS of camping? I'm planning one night of camping this summer because my niece wants to try it, but it will only be for one night. In my backyard.

I salute your perseverance.

Also, I'm pretty sure my mother would tell you that birthday parties in her house never went smoothly either.

Ava Quinn said...

@Stephanie- Good tip!

@Robin- lol! No vomiting while we camped, so that was a win.

@Pat- Wish I could talk the rest of the family into your outdoors view!

@MJ- Yeah, it wasn't pretty-for me. Have a good time with J. in the backyard!

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