Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of Little Things

So 50/50 is on. My writer's group is doing a program where you write 50 words every day for the next 50 days. I've had my head down typing away, which is one of the reasons I haven't been typing away here. Blog entries don't count for the 50/50.

New lines from Shifting Her World yesterday:

They told you to tell them what you want.
Heat suffused her cheeks as she thought about what to say. No way was any of that going to come out of her mouth just yet. Not when this was all so new. A deep breath brought some of her courage back along with a plan.

She’d start easy. And easy was Nate.

Leigha caught his eye and crooked her finger at him. His face lit up. She was beginning to love that wicked grin of his. He crawled up from the foot of the bed, leading with that smile and she melted beneath it.

I'm on a quest to get a new battery for my motorcycle. I'll be checking out some more places today. If I crap out, I'll have to get the local Yamaha dealership to order me one which will arrive in two to five days. It's freaking gorgeous out and will be for. . . the next two to five days, then rain. I wonder if this is the event that will push me over the edge to villainism. Look for updates on that soon.

And on a completely unrelated note, I love Rube Goldberg machines. If I could find a shirt that said I heart Rube Goldberg Machines, I would wear it with pride. So, with that in mind, check out this music video and be wowed by the intricacy and huge scale of this one.



Haleine said...

That is a fantastic video. I absolutely love it.

Good luck with the writing...

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, M! Glad you enjoyed it!

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