Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prison Karaoke

Yes. You heard me. Prison Karaoke. If you don't remember, my best friend works at a prison. She always has great stories, and I've been saving this one.

On holidays, since many of the prison workers are off, the ones who work them set up special events since there's not enough staff to run the regular activities such as basketball, the weight room, etc. So they decided to have an American Idol sort of competition with karaoke.

One of the semifinalists of the first round sang James Brown's Baby I Got That Feeling. Here's James Brown himself performing part of it.

The inmate that performed it apparently did every James Brown patented move along with a few others thrown in to boot and almost needed to be carried from the stage from exhaustion. He couldn't sing very well, but the showmanship alone carried him on to the finals.

In the finals, he belted out Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana.

According to my source, he only knew the chorus and sang that at the top of his lungs. Again, showmanship carried the day over actual singing talent as he performed every Michael Jackson move known to man.

He beat out the only other competition, who, by the way, could actually sing, but was so nervous he sang very quietly and twirled his hair as he did. Not really a move to get you the votes during Karaoke in the Pokey, or so I have come to understand. Though it probably got him a boyfriend or two.

James Brown/Michael Jackson in an orange jumpsuit won twenty five bucks and some notoriety around the prison. Not sure if that last part was a good thing or will turn around to bite him in the ass.

But this is what I'm trying to convince my best friend to organize next. I think it would be great for morale and excellent fodder for my blog.


Haleine said...

It's nice you put the morale before the blog fodder.

Susan Kelley said...

So all your friends have interesting stories all the time too?

Ava Quinn said...

I'm noble like that, M!

Ava Quinn said...

All my author friends and the prison worker. I'll lump them all together and see who gets offended ;). You never know, it might be the prison worker!

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