Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming Soon- Author Interviews!

This month I'll be starting something new for the blog. Author interviews.

Three friends of mine have books being released in the coming weeks. I thought it would be great to hear from them, so I sent them each interview questions - with a Tongue In Cheek slant. (You didn't really think I could ask interview questions without working in Sea Monkeys, did you?) So, be sure to check those out soon.

My writing had come to a grinding halt with all the urchin goings on. She had to get two vaccination booster shots and is scheduled for more blood work next month. The brave little urchin did well with the shots. She wouldn't look away and watched the whole time again. And an added blessing to Mama Urchin was she didn't cry.

But I'm trying to get back in the saddle with some word counts. I have lots of manuscripts to choose from, but each one has problems I'm not ready to or feel capable of fixing at the moment. I tried writing something new, just for enjoyment, but the joy got sucked out of it for me when I shared it with others prematurely. *sigh* I really need to listen to my gut more.

So now I'm trying to to figure out where to go to jump back in. My goal this week is to find where the baby wading pools of my wips are and dip in a toe. You can be sure I'll be wearing my water wings!

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