Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy Field Trips

Last month I finally went on a field trip that I'd been wanting to go on for years. I toured . . . an Army/Navy surplus store. It was awesome. Everything I'd dreamed. I'm still reeling from the overpowering experience.

I wanted to tour at least one since I use one in a manuscript. I really wanted the feel of the place, and man did I pick a great one to tour. Drop ceiling with knife holes in it, old uneven linoleum tiles, dark ambiance. There was even a huge bomb hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention the large array of weapons and the holsters to carry them.

So now I want to go on my next tour. This one will be like visiting great vineyards in the Napa Valley. Only seedier.

I want to visit dive bars. Little dirty holes-in-the-wall where people go to drink themselves into oblivion. Places that are characters unto themselves. Establishments that a girl on her own may not feel entirely safe. Biker bars, scary honkytonks, city bars, bars on the wrong side of the tracks in little dying towns. Man, I can't wait.

So, where do you want to visit that may be out of the ordinary realm of tourist attractions? And if you're a writer, how far do you go for your research?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I would like to whale-watching on a sail boat.
Please tell me you're taking some intimidaters with you into those bars.

Ava Quinn said...

Cool! Whale watching!

I haven't gone on the seedy bar tour yet. I'm not sure I know any intimidators crazy enough to go with me. We'll see if I go on my own.

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