Monday, January 23, 2012

The Reign Is Done

Yes, I've been coming to grips with the end of my year long reign as the County 'Possum Queen and therefore my spokes-queen status for the Canned Pot Bellied Processed 'Possum Products Company.

It was a beautiful run, laced with all the canned and processed opossum I could eat or store for later.

But the memories and the people are the things I'll treasure most. The carnies, the local rednecks, the workers at the 'possum processing plant, the Grand 'Possum Poohbah, the other contestants. Even Berthalynn and all her naysaying criticisms. (Yes, I have all my teeth. You don't. Let it go, already!)

The glamorous events that I made many a special appearance at during my year of 'possum promoting. All the trailer park grand re-openings, the Pork-N-Possum Feeding Trough restaurant chains I made many a 'possum, the other white meat, sorta pitches in. And who can forget my coronation at the Moonshine and Fried 'Possum Carnival?

I was once again there to pass my rhinestone encrusted taxidermied crown to the next generation of County 'Possum Queen. The locals had created a petition of sorts to keep me as the permanent 'Possum Queen of the county. Likening me to their very own Ellie May Clampett, there was a loud protest against the termination of my reign. Though I was extremely flattered by their comparisons, I knew it was time to step down.

After I passed the crown to this year's winner,

Many a redneck needed time alone to collect their thoughts.

Others took time for quiet reflection.

Still others were paralyzed with disbelief that I would actually step down.

Though I'm sad to give up the title, I know it's for the best. Thanks for coming along for the ride with me. And a heartfelt possumy "thank you" to all those who supported me. Cheers!

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