Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Late 2011 T.i.C. Wrap Up

Here I am, in the second week of 2012, and I still haven't done my wrap up of 2011. Well, I'm here to remedy that right now.

There were so many ludicrous and bizarre happenings around here last year, I don't quite know where to start. Oh yeah, how about at the beginning, hmmm?

I let it slip that I still wanted Freezy Freakies. I explained why I loved crappy books, and strange things were heard from the back of the minivan. I also declared B. B. King to be a national treasure.

February was a ruthless bitch. The oldest urchin was going through her cat scan and blood tests, and my writing was completely derailed (and I'm not sure I've gotten back to it since). Though in the beginning of the month, I gave a behind the scenes look at the 'Possum Queen selection process and the Moonshine and Fried 'Possum Carnival.

In March, I detailed my tour of the local Army Navy Surplus store in our area and admitted to other field trips I wanted to go on. But I had no takers to go with me. Crazy. It was also filled with author interviews. Susan Gourley. Misty Simon. And Natalie Damschroder. They all aced the Sea Monkey S.A.T. portion of the interview. I also enumerated many of the diversified uses of 'Possum.

Author interviews continued with Vicky Burkholder and Megan Hart. I was also interviewed as the 'Possum Queen at Sue Gourley's blog. So interviews and other nonsense abounded.

I announced my new #1 field trip to go on is to the roller derby. It was my writer's RETREAT!! I shared some very crass Krass Brother's (store of the stars!) commercials I grew up with. And fulfilled my 'Possum Queen duties by plugging 'possum (the second other white meat, sorta) for your Memorial Day BBQ.

Besides the usual nonsense, the youngest urchin got nursemaid's elbow, and the oldest urchin contracted Lyme Disease. We'll just move on.

Summer re-runs, my latest addiction and The 'Possum Queen swimsuit competition were the highlights.

The backyard carny came to town! The second carny report was railroaded by the possibility of a skunk in my cellar.

My latest obsession of sideburn art was revealed. And I shared my new discovery of the many uses of taxidermied squirrels.

I discussed the three R's at Tongue In Cheek. Writing was only one of them. Rummaging and Ridiculousness were the other two. I also recapped the NJRW's conference.

I invented the game of stinkbug chicken and played it with the Man - though he didn't know. I also opened my store, The Angry Villager.

I wrote several open letters to the craziness at Chez Quinn. I expressed my desire to stage a coup of my Zumba class.

So there are the highlights of 2011. Some of my greatest hits are in there. Thanks for coming along on the ride. So, what were your greatest 2011 hits?


M.J. Fifield said...

I enjoy reading your yearly blog recaps. I'm proud to say I remember many of these entries.

I don't think I really had any 2011 hits. Wrote a bunch of sarcastic haiku about my day job. Oh, and I ran a 5k in May. My shin splints still hurt...

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Your life is so exciting. Thanks for the mention. I hope to have you back again sometime this year. Hope 2012 finds your family healthy and happy.

Ava Quinn said...

I'd say those were definitely greatest hits, M. And what about the Jayne hat? That is a serious heavy hitter!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Ava Quinn said...

Yes, sometimes a little too exciting, Sue. I'll be sure to have you back over here in 2012. We have way too much fun not to!

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