Thursday, April 5, 2012

The After Party Squatters

As you can imagine, the celebration of rousting those polka playing demons was epic. I mean, the severity of alcohol that moonshiners and yard gnomes drink on a normal day is outrageous. But when they have a real reason to let loose? Well, you know they got out of hand.

It started somewhat innocently enough. A lot of rabble rousing, some good-natured ribbing.

But before you know it, each of them were quick to show their fighting side. The rednecks introduced the gnomes to some of their yard games.

When one of the hillbillies decided to replace one of the fashion heads with a gnome, all hell broke loose and I had a full blown smack down, drag out brawl on my hands.

It lasted all week. I finally got most of them to move on, though there are still a few holdouts that are now officially squatters on my property. But it's the price you pay for a polka free home.

Speaking of a polka free home, I'm worried about the influence on my readers that all the hijacked polka blog entries may have possibly had on you guys. So I will be doing a mass polka intervention via the blog soon.

Until then, Citizens. Beware the squatting gnomes.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

The gnomes sure know how to show their good sides.

Ava Quinn said...


Hey, I heard a rumor you may be coming back to us next year. Any truth in it?

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