Thursday, April 26, 2012

Down But Not Out

Sorry for the radio silence, Citizens. Seems I've been gone long enough for Blogger to change everything, so let's see how well this post goes.

I worked all weekend scoring assessments for the most disabled students in the state. I was there five hours on Friday night, eleven and a half hours on Saturday and seven hours on Sunday. You're basically sequestered in a cubicle farm with 250 teachers, hunched over a computer screen. I have a little bit of a feel for what a call center in New Delhi is like.

 I didn't have too many gut wrenching videos to score this time, but my WTF-o-meter is still blaring loud and clear. And I know deep down in my heart that there is a special place in Hell reserved for bureaucrats and bean counters.

But I survived, and I'm a believer in the old adage, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Let's hope the next two scoring weekends don't finish me off.

I, of course, picked up a bug of some sort. I mean, it was inevitable. Lock over 200 teachers from all over the state with their very own pool of germs school and confine us together in a windowless, poorly ventilated room for a weekend, and yeah, it's gonna happen.

So that is the main reason for the radio silence here at TiC. Exhaustion and germ warfare.

 So how was your weekend?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Our entire house is battling a bug that leaves one with a cough that won't quit. I need a long night of uninterrupted sleep. I think I'll have some wine with that whine.

Ava Quinn said...

Hope you and yours are feeling better, Sue. I'm nearly-kinda-almost out of the woods.

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