Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Good Writing Day for Me

I wrote five pages today. Over a thousand words. That's pretty good for me stealing a few minutes here a half hour there (if I'm lucky). The problem is that my writing time is so broken up over the course of a day. I don't usually have a big chunk of time to get writing done. So I spend half of the precious five minutes I've acquired rereading what I previously wrote to try and recapture my train of thought. Very frustrating.

I'm going to have to renew my search for a critique partner. I have someone in mind, (Don't panic. It isn't anyone who reads my blog - big collective whew as you wipe the nervous sweat from your brow) but still need to approach her.

I have another contest coming up that I think I may enter. Mainly because of the editor judging. I'd like to try and see if I can get my prologue and first chapter in front of her. That's a big if. I'd have to be in the top five to get to the big judge. It might be a nice ego stroke if I could do it. I could use one of those right about now.

So on a separate note, any one have any author suggestions for romantic comedy from a big name press? Looking to do a little research.

Well, boring post, but got to get back to my wip. I'll attempt to be more entertaining next time. To tide you over until then, check out the whacked-outedness of the content of the previous two posts.

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