Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sea Monkeys Fight Dirty

So, I'm convinced the sea monkeys are using biological warfare in my house. It's the only logical explanation for all the illnesses tallying up around here. I've been either taking care of sick individuals, or have been so sick myself that most things have come to a grinding halt at la casa de Quinn (or chez Quinn for my legions of silent French Canadian lurkers.)

Not much writing going on, and definitely not much cleaning which is, after all, the sea monkeys' primary agenda. (Ooooh those wily sea monkeys. *shoots evil glare at ceiling in general direction of sea monkey domicile*) My major aspirations at the moment are to lie in bed, drooling and moaning. But that doesn't get to happen until pretty late at night after everything else is done.

Now I'm comparing remedies. Should I go with Jack, Jose, Jim, or the kickapoo joy juice fermenting in a jug on my kitchen floor? Oh the choices one must make.

In the entry on Blues Writers a few days back, I mentioned at the end I would talk about the old brags. I still plan on doing so, but it's going to take more concentration than I have in stock at the moment. Just contemplating my remedy choices is enough to wear me out. Therefore, I leave you with my oath, my solemn vow that I will carry out the decimation of the sea monkey tribe which resides in my bathtub. That is, after the joy juice wears off.


Victoria said...

Those damned sea monkeys!!
I feel your pain. We've been dealing with it here, too.
When I was sick, B brought home some Ginger Brandy and made me chug a bunch. My stuffiness cleared up and so did the aches. My head still hurt, but I didn't care. LOL I do think the symptoms run away quicker. No mixers though - water only.
Hang in there!

Ava Quinn said...

Mmmmmmm, brandy.

Yeah, it's been rough this year. Not flu, but equally crappy illnesses. Bleah. Glad you guys are feeling better.

I'm still warm and vertical, so I figure things can't be that bad.

Susan Kelley said...

Hope your family gets better soon. The winter has been too long and has kept all those germs trapped inside with us.
Take double remedy and you'll feel better or feel nothing.

Ava Quinn said...

Lol, Sue! Great advice!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

*hugs* Please feel better soon!!!

But...isn't it against the law to have kickapoo joy juice outside the Caribbean? >:(

Ava Quinn said...

SSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Or the cops will find out. lol.

Writer to the Stars said...

Hi Ava...I wanted to thank you for your kind words about Write and Wrong. Your blog and endeavors look terrific too. I hope to cram in a post or two per week...but in the meantime, do try some of the older entries...I have my moments. Thanks again for your comment.

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks WttS. I've already begun!

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