Monday, April 6, 2009

Banned Books

The Ten Most Banned Books in America

The 100 Most Frequently Banned Books from 1990 - 2000

An interesting compilation. Wish I knew how true it is, their source information, and if it's in the USA or World Wide, etc. I've read a lot of them. Two, at least, are on my favorite books list for Blogger (The Wish Giver and Of Mice and Men).

My next frequently banned book to read is The Freedom Writer's Diary. Any banned or challenged books on your to-be-read list?


Susan Kelley said...

I'm not surprised at some of those. There are some really conservative religous centers in the country that still don't allow sex education in their local schools even though a recent national study proved that abstinence only education does not work to prevent teen pregnancy. If they won't admit their teenagers are having sex, they're certainly not going to consider they might be having sex with someone of the same gender. LOL And everyone knows that reading about homosexuality will make you gay.

Ava Quinn said...

HAA!!! Too funny, Sue.

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