Monday, May 11, 2009

Retreat Readiness

Writer's retreat is only three and a half excruciating days away. I. Can't. Wait. Actually it's good that I have three more days to prepare. I haven't packed, though I did wrestle a suitcase out of the attic.

I also need to leave instructions for The Man on how to appease the sea monkey tribe. It will involve sea salt, one of those plastic scuba divers that goes up and down in an aquarium, and a ritual sacrifice of a fancy goldfish, (No, not the regular ten-for-a-buck goldfish. We're not chumming, here. That would spur a sea monkey frenzy the likes of which have never been seen before.) There's a delicate balance when dealing with the bathtub sea monkeys. You don't want to incur their wrath.

So once the how-to instructions to mollify the sea monkeys are written, I can get on to the ordeal of packing. It's times like this that my deeply repressed girlie tendencies surface. I always over-pack. You never know what might crop up. I know we're going out for drinks on Friday night. But with the spring weather, there's no telling what it will be like by then. So I pack sandals and flats. A short sleeved nice shirt and a long sleeved nice shirt. A skirt and nice jeans or pants. All for a couple hours at the local Applebees. *shakes head at own pathetic-ness*

The urge can't be squelched. Two complete and mix-matchable outfits will be packed and taking up precious space in the very small rolling carry-on that I was able to wrest from the clutches of the piles of junk in the attic.

All is worth it, though, to go away for three days with other writers, lock yourself away in a room (or not), get meals taken care of for you and just write. That is a little slice of paradise if you ask me. And I. Cant. Wait!!!


Victoria said...

You're farther ahead than I am. My suitcase is out, but is broken, so I can't pack until it's fixed.
I have two chairs and part of the floor full of retreat goodies and some of my toiletries ready.
And I have to go shopping for comfy pants since mine have holes all over them.
I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear Friday night!
The time can't go by fast enough. I'm sooooo ready!

Ava Quinn said...

I'm further ahead than the retreat coordinator! But you do have extra duties, so I won't gloat too loudly.

May I suggest duct tape for fixing anything? And if that doesn't work, just bang it on the floor to show it who's boss.

Comfy pants. Hmmmm. I'll need to whittle down my choices to 3. I love elastic. Best invention ever!

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I haven't even gotten my suitcase out. But as of a few minutes ago, I do have a list! LOL

Susan Kelley said...

You're all trying to make me jealous and it's working. I assume you're there by now and hard at work. Right? I expected a report by now and a little bragging about how much you have done.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Why, Sue, you wouldn't expect us to be ONLINE, would you? LOL

Ava Quinn said...

Hey, Sue. Online service at the retreat was actually a little spotty at times. Plus Misty was cracking the whip on us and our WIPs. I actually took very few forays onto the internet when I was there.

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