Sunday, May 17, 2009

Retreat Update

So it has been a crazy, crappy, wonderful, topsy-turvy, high and low week. Here's the recap.

Monday, an hour after my last post, I got a call that one of my close family members was admitted to the hospital with some serious ailments. Some of which he had been treated successfully for in the past, but one was new. I decided I wasn't going to the retreat because The Man wanted to be helpful, and wouldn't be as effective if I left. So I decided responsibilities could shift to me, and he'd be free to do what he needed to do. But The Man wasn't having it. He told me to wait and see. Which, I have to admit, was prudent.

The family member slowly improved, and it looked like other members of the family were stepping up to help out so it all didn't fall on The Man's shoulders, which was great.

Bottom line, I went, but with reservations. I was worried about the one in the hospital and how The Man and family were holding up. So I was very distracted.

And also there was the guilt. I'm good at guilt. I can manufacture guilt out of thin air. I'd win more gold medals in the Guilt Olympics than Michael Phelps. I am the Michael Phelps of the Guilt Olympics. (Where are my endorsements?)

So needless to say, I didn't get as much writing done as I really wanted to.

I did paint my nails. For the first time in about ten years. Andrew Grey, who just joined the writing group and attended the retreat said my toenails looked like a demented three year old had painted them. So, I guess I'm a little out of practice. Maybe I'll take a picture of them and let you all decide.

I'm on another CPRW author's blog from the retreat, doing a video diary comparing hair, but you actually get to see my face, so I'm not telling which author it is. Vicki, Sue and Natalie will know, but no telling girls! Natalie was in it too, briefly sniffing my hair.

I made small amounts of progress on three different WIPs. I just couldn't settle down and get to business since I was worried about the home front. The other ladies' word counts were very impressive. Mine . . . not so much. I only wrote a total of a little over 5,000 words from Thursday night to Sunday morning. I also worked on some editing, completing some second round, light edits on about twenty to twenty-five pages of material from the same three WIPs.

So, progress was made. I had some good fun. And laughed like crazy Saturday night. All in all, it was a moderately successful retreat as far as the writing was concerned, but on a personal level - it was a blast. Much better than a jail term masquerading as a spa getaway. And this way, I didn't have to make anyone my bitch.


Victoria said...

I think you made fantastic progress on writing, but I'm thrilled you got the chance to get away and let go of some stress!
I'm not telling about the hair video! I'm just glad there's not a video of me falling off the springy dog! There is video of all of us dancing at the dance party last night though. We'll have to keep our eyes out for the surfacing of that embarassing footage!
And I'm still mad Applebee's gyped us in the Sangria department!
361 days until next retreat!

Ava Quinn said...

I only got one fifth the progress you did! >:{

Letting go of stress was a good thing.

All I can say is I better not see any midnight dance party pictures - EVER!!!!!

That Applebees did suck. I mean, I drank an entire bowl full of Sangria. Nothing. Totally gypped. I'm sticking with shots next year.

Sigh. Yes. That's a long time until the next retreat. Hopefully circumstances will be better for me and I can concentrate on the writing more. And hopefully you will not be assaulted by a mangy springy dog.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Comparisons are NOT allowed. Is that more than you'd have done at home? YES. That's all that matters.

Well, that, and the fact that I have never seen you so relaxed and happy. It was quite amazing and lovely.

Ava Quinn said...


I haven't been so relaxed and happy like Saturday night in a long time.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I could tell, and it made me realllllly happy.

Susan Kelley said...

I think all of us who werent' there need to know more about Saturday Night.

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