Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again - I Hope

Hey everyone!

*chirping crickets*

Yeah, sorry. It's been crazy. What can I say. Just yesterday I had a doctor's appt. and she ordered more blood work for me. It took three women and 5 tries before one of them was successful. And you know they were twisting that needle and pushing it in and out, trying to get the blood flowing. Thirty five minutes later they got a tiny bit of blood. And I had a small fever off an on for the rest of the day from the experience.

Then I had to go get one of my fingers x-rayed. I swear the x-ray techs love to contortion their subjects. It's some type of competition for them. "Hey! Look what I can get my guy to do!"

Anywho, the urchins are back in school, and I'm rejoining the working world. It's all crazy around here.

But here are some good/funny highlights -

The oldest Urchin played two truths and one lie with her new teacher and the class on the first day of school. Here's her list.

My favorite color is red.
My birthday is this week.
I play roller derby.

I was so proud!

My father-in-law has been in atrial fibrillation for the past month and had to get his heart converted via electric shock. Though the procedure was no fun, it worked, and his heart is beating normally again.

I got to see my friend who has ALS.

I worked on my query letter for A Shot At Forever.

I'm trying to be more positive and look on the bright side, instead of the complaining I've been caught up in recently.  I might even join a blog hop that helps celebrate the little things every Friday. I need something, 'cause this blog hasn't been very tongue in cheek-y recently. And I really want that back!

You've been warned.

Until next time, Citizens.


Delynn Royer said...

Welcome back to the saddle, Ava! I’m not sure if congratulations or condolences are in order for rejoining the working world, but I hope all transitions in the Quinn household are proceeding smoothly. Great news on those highlights. That blog hop sounds like fun. :)

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Delynn! I think it's condolences, but I'll gladly accept either. :)

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