Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Eyes Have It

I went back to the ophthalmologist yesterday, thankfully he didn't try to shiv my eye again. I did get my eyes dilated, which is never a picnic. And he found that I have eye infections in both eyes. So one heating eye mask, a box of eye wipes and a tube of antibiotic/steroid ointment later, I now am on a highly involved eye care regimen for the next month until I see him again.

Hopefully this will help my writing. I've found for the past few months, looking at my computer screen for overly long amounts of times really inflamed my eyes. I dubbed it computer induced eye sunburn. Apparently It may have just been double eye infections. Leave it to me to identify and over-name something incorrectly.

On Monday of this week I had two small cavities filled, and the spot where they injected the Novocaine is still pretty tender. I'm not a big fan of doctors this week.

Onto other news. I finaled in a writing contest in June, and the winners are supposed to be announced by Sunday. I'm really nervous, so any good mojo you all could send on the airwaves would be completely appreciated.

Coming soon to a Tongue In Cheek Blog Near You

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Until next time, Citizens!

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