Monday, September 30, 2013

Thank you Follow Festers!

Hellooooo Follow Festers! (I'm getting an image that's a little like Uncle Fester, except with more hair.)

I wanted to say thank you to all the cool cats who came over and left a comment for me at Tongue in Cheek and commend those who bravely chose to publicly follow the craziness that goes on around here. I promise you probably won't regret it.

It was great to meet so many wonderful writers. And I can't wait to check in at all the new blogs I found through the Follow Fest.

A little about Tongue in Cheek. This is my beloved Crazy Dumping Ground. I keep up appearances in the real world all day and pretend to be a responsible adult, mom, teacher, etc. Here I get to let my hair down and purge the crazy into this blog.

I conduct author interviews occasionally, and talk about my writing sometimes, but it's mainly about the bizarre things that catch my fancy like never-ending supplies of taxidermied squirrels, the perils of Polka, proudly proclaiming that I'm a Geek Girl, attending the roller derby with my 70 year old mother, and commenting on the general all around lunacy that somehow always finds me in the world.

Though I do have a serious side that will on occasion slip in. My next post is going to be one of those. But I'm sure I'll be back to the nonsense before long. So thanks for signing on for the ride. Hope you're able to stop in and play along.

Until then, Citizens!


Liz Blocker said...

HA! Thanks for the advanced warning ;) Honestly, it sounds like a lot of fun, and a nice break from lots of serious blogs. I'm in!

Ava Quinn said...

YAY!! I'll try not to disappoint! ;)

Carol Kilgore said...

What a cool post! Great to know more about your little corner of blogdom :)

Dara said...

Roller derby! Awesome! Are you more of a blocker or jammer?

I was involved with a "team" we were trying to start up in town. Unfortunately, most of the women are all talk and no action. Knowing I could put the same amount of work into writing and actually accomplish something, I stepped away from it. Kinda bummed, I loved it, just no one knew what they were doing.

Does your team travel?

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, for stopping in Carol! :D

Ava Quinn said...

If I played, I'd definitely be a blocker, Dara. But for now I'm just an embarrassingly loud squeeing fan girl of the local team.

I understand the trade-off of putting the effort into the writing instead of another pursuit too. And I am of an age where I no longer bounce back. An injury at this point would most likely reap life-long repercussions. (Fancy talk for me being a wimp. lol!)

Ashley Nixon said...

OMG. The doctor ripped your eyelash out?!?! That stuff HURTS. Geez. I would be traumatized.

Ava Quinn said...

I know! And then to add insult to injury, he charged my insurance $115 to do it, of which I had to pay 40!

Double YEOWCH!

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