Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Age-Old Riddle

How many words could an Avachuck chuck if and Avachuck had time to chuck words?

Time. Slipping through the cracks in my life as I speed around like a toy car on a closed circuit track. Seemingly getting nowhere, but making good time. Trying not to fly off in the curves, and still make it quickly to the next one.

I made my writing goal for this month. It wasn't that big of a goal. My oldest doesn't go back to preschool until March, and my youngest is too little for any of that, so I need to find the time around their schedules to work on my writing.

I had some earlier goals that don't look like they'll pan out. I had thought to enter a contest, but I actually talked myself out of that one. My other goal was to attend the RWA conference with Brass In Pocket completed. Maybe do an editor appointment. Money being what it is, makes attending a conference look too frivolous this year. I haven't discounted it entirely, but in two more years it will be in New York. I'm thinking attending that one may be more beneficial for me. I'd have more experience under my too tight belt, and perhaps something published in e-book form.

E-books are my goal. I've spoken with several other members in CPRW, and a few have questioned me on this - in a tone that made me wonder if I'd slipped and told them I was running for Empress of Chatahoochee and asked them for their votes. I guess at this point I don't have that drive yet to have a book in my hand with my name on the cover.
(Sorry about the delay. Some men in uniforms just broke down the door to my home, demanding that I revoke my aspiring author status. I told them they had the wrong house and directed them two towns over. If they come back I'll be sic-ing the sea monkeys on them.)

I'm not saying the desire won't come in time. It just isn't riding me right now. That's probably a good thing for my mental stability at the moment.

So I guess we won't know for a few more years how many words this Avachuck could chuck. But the important part is to keep on chuckin'. And as I chuck, I'll try not to hit the sea monkeys.


Victoria said...

Empress of Chattahoochee,
You've got my vote!
Yay on meeting your goal! As of today, I met mine too!
I'm with you on the conference. I had high hopes of going this year, but it's just not in the budget. Definitely NY. Definitely.
As for the ebook stuff - do what's right for you. Don't let anyone else's idea of what makes a good career affect you. Yes, you may change your mind, but you may not and there's nothing wrong with that. It's your career, your words, use them as you see fit and the hell with what anyone else thinks.
Climbing off my soap box! Hope you didn't send those dudes to my house!! I don't have sea monkeys!
wv - ingenas - What Elvis Martineo calls his ideas.

Susan Kelley said...

Keep on keeping on racing around that track. I admire you for getting anything done when your children are little. There's nothing wrong with going the ebook route. Many of us have. Just finish, polish and then decide what you're ready to do with it.

Ava Quinn said...

Yay, Vicki! Goals met!!
I'm still trying to find out all the costs of the conference. Though there are other considerations.
Thanks for the soap box encouragement. I'm pretty comfortable with my goals right now.
I'll loan out my commando mercenary sea monkeys to the highest bidder. They can unload a major can of whup a$$ on anyone! But I would never rat you out to the goon squad. I protect my own!


Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Sue!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

*eyes sea monkeys marching up her front walk*

Look, I am one THOUSAND percent in favor of each author doing what's right for her. (Or him.)

I'm also a HUGE believer that before deciding what that is, each author should know as much as possible, pro and con, from all possible sides.

And finally, well, if I think someone has talent and is deserving of greater success, I might be slightly, possibly a little bit guilty of nudging them a little kinda hard in the direction I think is best.

I greatly respect that you have the strength and wisdom to ignore people like me. :)

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Natalie! Honest, those comments were not aimed at you! But thanks for them kind words! Made my morning!

(pulling back the sea monkeys)

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