Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On a random note. . .

It's pretty depressing that all the exercise I'm getting is the spontaneous attack dance parties that happen every so often in my kitchen. I'll be doing some mindless chore, when a song comes on and it's like a catalyst. I'm attacked by two small urchins who lurk until some secret sign and then pounce, forcing me to dance. What's really sad is that I'm totally winded after one song and gasping for air. They show no mercy though, and I usually can't run them off until after song four.

Here's the song that started it up today. (One of my favorites, so I can't complain too much.)

On a completely different note, sad reality whomps me right in the gut when I read in the items the soldiers request on things like Clearasil, or other acne preventing medicine. These guys are so young out in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nineteen and twenty years old. I think back to what I was doing at that age and it was definitely nothing like they are.


Karen Gifford said...

Great Song! It made me want to dance too!! (But I haven't had my coffee yet!).

I found your blog by accident and wanted to tell you I like it! I clicked on "riding my motorcycle" interest in my profile and your blog came up. Funny thing is that I see you are a writer, and I'm a 'wannabee'! Won't bore you with all my details, but when I lost my job I started a freelance writing business (my dream), but I struggled over the last 2 years trying to learn how to "break in". I ended up doing a little business writing (would rather write creatively) but it doesn't pay the bills. I'm always looking for advice from other writers!

Anyway, I like your blog, and wanted to say Hi since I stopped by!

Ava Quinn said...

Karen! Thanks for visiting! I love when silent lurkers check in. Makes me feel as though I'm not actually talking to myself with the blog!

Another motorcycle mama! Hooray! There's too few of us.

I'm still a newbie too, and have gotten lots of good advice I'd be willing to share. Free of charge! lol. Shoot me an email if you like.

Thanks for the nice comment!

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