Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Dangerous Day

Oh today is a dangerous day. I hear the siren call of my motorcycle from the barn. "Come and ride for a little while!" "Slip the bonds of your house for an hour!" "Come and have fun!"

It's beautiful outside right now for the middle of February. 65 degrees and sunny. The promise of spring teasing the school children at recess. *sigh*

The one thing I'm wary of is the cinders/washed out stones from the last ice storm and resulting melt off. Gravel like that on a tricky curve or quick stop can be nasty. Even an experienced rider can slide on those. And since I've taken a spill on this bike already (see my entry Two Kinds of Riders)I'm a little wary. Besides, I don't think I can get out on parole, even if I wear an electronic anklet. Just not in the cards. *damn*

On the upside, I've written over 900 words so far today. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it, but at least it's writing. Need to bounce it off of Priscilla. She's been reading this story for a frickin' year. She'll tell me if it's not in character or if the flow is off. *double damn* We'll see.

On another note, I bought my first book in a long time. It's an ebook by a "national best seller" who wrote a novella. The plot sounded like a somewhat intriguing concept, I'd heard of her, read the excerpt and went ahead and got it. Dismal mistake. It was shallow and flat and I couldn't suspend belief for it if a gun had been pointed at my head. The alien world the heroine was taken to seemed like Strawberry Shortcake on steroids. I was waiting for unicorns to prance around farting rainbows out of their butts. I kid you not.

So, if this person (resting on their rep and fan base) got this piece 'o crapola published, maybe if I actually finish mine, there's a chance for me too. And if mine gets rejected, I'll just seamlessly weave in the rainbow farting unicorns. That's gotta make it sell.


Susan Kelley said...

That sounds more like 'My Little Ponies" you're thinking of stealing. I think what first provoked me to write was reading something and thinking "I can do better than that." I'm sure you can too. Get back to keyboard and leave the bike in the barn for now. If you wipe out, it will be hard to sit in your desk chair with those abrasions all the way up your leg and your... well you know.

Ava Quinn said...

I started that way too, Sue.

Thanks for the advice. I needed someone to crack the whip! lol

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