Friday, September 11, 2009

Lifus Interruptus

*thanks for the title today, Misty*

So a lot is going down at Casa de Quinn, or for my legions of silent French Canadian lurkers, Chez Quinn. A lot that is going to derail me from trying to get back up on the writing horse. 50 words for 50 days begins tomorrow and I have:
~ a new weekly schedule that is more disruptive than helpful

~a bunch of blue hairs ganging up on me and wrangling me into volunteer positions that I have no time for (They want me to make corn husk dolls with children at the Founder's Day celebration, then expect me to find corn husks, dry them somewhere and keep them at my home for three weeks. Then one helpful senior citizen dropped off a bag of green corn husks in a huge plastic bag and it has promptly rained for two days. So it sits on my porch gathering dampness and probably attracting wild critters. By the time it stops raining, it will be a moldy pile of crap. Plus create new fliers and update, add to and change their website.)

~My phone is out -again. Has to do with the fact that our house is old and falling down around our ears and the list of fix it projects is longer than both my arms.

~My incontinent dog is still very incontinent.

~A sea monkey uprising is imminent. They are now leaving aggressive and taunting petroglyphs on the walls of the bathtub.

~NJRW conference is coming up and I have lots to prepare for that.

There's lots more, but I've bored you enough, and I'm pretty sure you've got a list like this running in your own home. So enough.

One of the real reasons I'm not writing is I'm in a "My writing sucks and I should just give it up" slump. I need to try and write my way through it, but it's easier said than done.

On to other news. Supernatural's season opener last night was awesome. They packed so much into it and laid the foundation for some new story arcs that look pretty dang interesting. Dean had some awesome lines. My favorite was angel condom and asshat. Tres classy. (Am I pandering too much to the French Canadians today?)

Got to go. Time to start my new career as a Wincest fanfic writer.


Kelley Jo said...

Gotta watch those blue hairs. You know you could be one of them some day.
How can your writing suck when your blogs are so creative, or your life is. I'm not sure which. Go girl.

Susan Kelley said...

Oops!!! I commented on your blog while my daughter was signed on to her account. Ignore the name, Kelley Jo, that was me not her.
Bad girl using my computer when I'm not around.

Ava Quinn said...

Dang! I thought Kelley Jo was one of my silent French Canadian lurkers popping in to say hello since I pandered to them so much in this entry.

Thanks for the encouragement, Sue!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

SAY NO TO THE BLUE HAIRS. They don't respect you and your time, you don't need to respect them. Why can't THEY do the corn husk dolls, FFS?

And I'm on to you. You don't really plan to be a Wincest fanfic writer. You just want to put your hand on Sam's chest. (Takes one to know one. ;) )

Ava Quinn said...

You're right, Natalie. I gotta get tough on the blue hairs and just say no. But, they scare me.

You pegged me on the Wincest, too. I really do just want to fondle them.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I knew it! LOL

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