Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Psychologial Sea Monkey Warfare

So now the sea monkeys are really messing with me. It started yesterday when I couldn't get one of my urchin's songs to stop playing over and over in my mind. Robot Monkey Head - (click here for a preview) an entertaining song the first two or three times, but after that it grates on every last nerve ending your body has in its possession, rendering you a jabbering brainless mass that lashes out randomly at almost any stimulus. So after about two hours of this torture, I came to realize that the voice of the singer was too high and burbly to actually be the real singer.

That's when I knew it was a cunning psychological tactic. The sea monkeys must have come in while I was sleeping and implanted it in my brain. So now not only are they stooping to mind games, but they're extending their ranging territory.

They've also upped the insult factor in their petroglyphs. Insinuations about a person's foot fungus and b.o. is really crossing the line.

Be forewarned little sea monkeys. The gloves are coming off. And being replaced by big rubber ones that snap when you put them on to protect myself from dishpan hands. You know what I mean.

In other news on the home front, the youngest urchin learned how to gallop on Friday and hasn't stopped since. She gallops everywhere she goes, even if it's just two steps. I feel like I should be galloping behind her with two half coconuts and theme music ala Monty Python.

I'm off to make war plans and brownies. Until next time!

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