Monday, September 14, 2009

Rise of The Sea Monkeys and Other Stuff

So I've been working on deciphering the sea monkey petroglyphs that are now adorning my bathtub walls, and I can tell you for certain that it ain't "Beans, beans the musical fruit . . . "

It's the typical small-minded, war mongering propaganda you'd come to expect from a burgeoning under water society. "Death to the tyrannical cleaner", "Smite the scrubbing brush", "All cleansers down the drain", "Say no to health care reform". That's as close as I can translate. Wish I had a secret decoder ring, though. Maybe I'll start checking the backs of comic books for one.

I've also been receiving intel on the possibility that there may be future under water nuclear testing in the sea monkey realm. Ever since I installed an automatic shower cleanser to up the weapons in this war, they've gone on the offensive.

On to other news. I only got 100 words written yesterday, but I hurt my hand and my leg while up on an extension ladder as I cleaned the second story gutters. A huge-assed UFO buzzed me. More specifically, UFI (Unidentified Flying Insect). Almost fell off the damn ladder. Yes, I nearly died by highly ingrained wussy girlie tendencies of dodge and scream like a little girl while twenty-five feet off the ground.

I am woman hear me roar.

Got lots to do today and no time to do it, so I better get on with it. Have a good one, and pray that I stay on the ground.


Victoria said...

You never fail to crack me up!
You could up the stakes more and set a can of bathroom cleaner on the edge of the tub. Freak them out a little.
I'm glad you didn't get killed while on the ladder. That would have sucked big time!
At least you got words yesterday. Sadly, I did not.

Susan Kelley said...

I can relate to the buzzing dive bombing insects. I'm not afraid of mad dogs, snakes or charging bulls, but those nasty crawling, flying, stinging multi-legged little carnivores really freak me out.

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, V. If I see any bubbles containing mushroom clouds, I'll definitely use your suggestion.

Ava Quinn said...

You're a braver woman than I. I bow to your roar, cause most snakes and all charging bulls would definitely get me to freak. lol.

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