Sunday, September 27, 2009


Have you ever been so inundated by your to-do list that you literally walk around in a circle because you don't know which way to go first? I've done that two times today.

Next Saturday is the CPRW meeting. It is also our town's parade, so I'll need to leave the meeting early so I don't get locked out of said town. I'm also running free children's games at the celebration afterward. I just hand delivered parade information to my side of the town, which is essentially one street. Main Street. Very original.

I'll be missing part of the guest speaker's presentation which makes me a little sad. He's a former k-9 handler/police officer. Not sure of his official title. I've got too many other things going on in my brain to form coherent words.

Which is oh so helpful for the 50/50 writing challenge.

This week I have meetings and kid taxi-ing and gathering materials for the games and housework and writing and website updates and a cake to bake and ebay listing and soldier packages to compile and send and - and - and - you get the idea.

Oh. And I was called for jury duty. No lie. $9 a day for the first three days if I get chosen. At this point, I'm glad. It'll be like a mini vacation. Instead of Calgon take me away, it's Judicial System take me away. (Though this is coming from the gal who said a few months ago that a jail term was synonymous with spa getaway.) Only I'm not allowed to bring my computer into the court room. So no writing will get done unless it's long hand. Bleah.

So what are you drowning in? Lay it on me. Make me feel better about losing the Sea Monkey War, and Operation Dirty Laundry Pile. I'm sure you're just as busy as I am.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't know. I don't think anyone is as busy as you are. But I'll give it a try...

I, too, have to leave the meeting early for a soccer game. It's also my anniversary, so I have to come up with a kick-ass present for my husband of 17 years, who already has pretty much everything he wants. *sigh* I also have to buy prizes for the CPRW goals drawing, prepare the goals for the meeting, update my website so booksellers don't decide not to carry my books (oh, wait, they don't anyway), research dishwashers so we can replace our busted one, and research why our network goes haywire when we all use iTunes at once. That's all after the critique I'm getting paid for, the one I'm not getting paid for, the one I do as a rush for the person who's on deadline, and managing the 50/50. Oh, and I have to take Number One shopping for a homecoming dress and Number Two for a goalie jersey.

Nope. I came up with a lot of words, but it's still not as busy as you!

Ava Quinn said...

I do feel better. You've got as much going on as I do. Thanks!

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