Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lovely Blog Award

Author of great fantasy books, Susan Gourley, awarded me the One Lovely Blog award over at her blog Susan Says . Which was very nice of her, but I'm not sure if Tongue in Cheek qualifies as lovely. Remember these posts?

Sea Monkey Status
Can You Believe It?
Just Can't Be Serious Today

But that's beside the point, I guess. I am now to pass the award on to others.
And the winners are . . .

Victoria Smith who is funny and a great writer. I check out her blog almost every day.
Carla Kempert who writes from the heart with humor and honesty.

Go over and check them out. Leave a comment and tell them I sent you, they'll treat you right.

Now on to the hard part. The second half of getting the award is to tell ten things about yourself. I'm not sure I'll have ten to tell. We'll see where we end up.

1. I designed my own engagement and wedding rings.
2. I don't like coffee or tea. If I want caffeine I drink diet Pepsi with cherry.
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with sea monkeys. (though you probably already figured that out)
4. I used a rotary dial phone well into the nineties.
5. I didn't know how to do laundry when I went to college because I grew up with an antique open cylinder washer with attached wringer that would give you a good zap every time you plugged it in.
6. I had my youngest urchin in my kitchen. (no it was not planned that way)
7. I've owned three motorcycles: 2 pocket rockets and 1 cruiser.
8. I collect vintage/antique cookie jars.

That seems like more than enough about me. So since I shared, tell me something about you. Secret talents, middle names, pin numbers, you know, the usual.


Victoria said...

Thanks, Ava! That's so cool!! You made my day! Heading over to do my 10 things now!
V. :)

Susan Kelley said...

Someday I want to hear more details about the baby in the kitchen. My mother did laundry for 7 kids with one of those old washers.
No coffee or tea??? Wow!
To share something with that thought in mind, I can drink coffee all evening long, go to bed and be asleep in 45 seconds.

Ava Quinn said...

You came to mind first, V. I'm over at your blog everyday, laughing and thinking and having a good time!

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks for the award, Sue. That was really cool of you.

I'll dish the details of the baby in the kitchen. I can laugh now, but it was terrifying when it happened.

I used to be able to drink a coke and then go to sleep like that too. Not so much recently. But there's something else we have in common!

Carla said...

I am honored by the nomination, and I promise to uphold my duties as Lovely Blogger to tbe best of my abilities. :) Seriously, that was fun! I don't know what I enjoyed more, writing those 10 Things or writing about *my* nominees!

I agree, I want to hear the urchin-in-the-kitchen story too! My sister delivered my nephew while standing in the ER last November, so we can swap stories if you want!

Thank you, thank you! (picture me, giving the queenly wave...)

Ava Quinn said...

Any time, Carla! I really enjoy your blog!

We'll trade stories in April!

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