Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Will See This One

on the big screen.

I don't see many movies a year. I didn't see Ninja Assassin in the theater like I wanted to. This one I will do my damndest to see. I loved Greek and Roman mythology when I was a girl. I still enjoy it. The original Clash of the Titans was my favorite movie for a long time when I was younger. And I'll admit I'm a Ray Harryhausen fan.(Oops my geek is showing. I also watched the original Dr. Who when I was a kid, but haven't seen any of the new ones. And yes I have a favorite Dr.)

The original CotT stayed pretty close to legend, though they did combine some elements. The new one will apparently be in 3D. I will neither deny or confirm rumors that when I heard this I wet my pants a little. (only joking, remember the name of the blog.*sheesh*)

I don't think they stayed as true to the myths in this newer one, but it looks like they're making a bigger storyline to add to the tension. I can dig it. We'll see how it pans out before I give them a full pass on any bastardization of mythology though. They do have the added draw, in my book of Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. I'm a fan of both actors' work.

On a completely different note, I need only 140 words to reach my writing goal for the month. I have to get on that!

Until next time, citizens!


Susan Kelley said...

Good job on the goal. I don't know if I'll go see this one in theaters or not. I only go see a few movies a year also.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I will see this in the theater, too. The original has a warm spot in my heart, too, but not because I remember much of it. There was a moment when my young cousin said Medusa's blood looked like Hunt's Tomato Sauce, and we all laughed, and it was a warm family moment that lives in my heart forever.

I love when they totally bastardize mythology, none of which seems to be very consistent, anyway, so they get a full pass from me. :)

Ava Quinn said...

Medusa's blood did look like that in the original! lol

Thanks Sue, but I'm not there yet. Just have to find two hot minutes together to get writing!

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