Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh How My Mind Can Wander

I want to bring pith helmets into fashion. I want to make calling someone a "hep cat" a cool thing to do once again. I wanna say some guy is "the bee's knees" and slip in a "Right, daddy-o!" and have it catch on.

I want to walk around in a sequined sombrero and platform shoes and give everyone I pass "the wink and the gun".

But I don't want to write on Shifting.

Oh how my mind can wander and create useless things to think about when I procrastinate and avoid. See, this is where the rainbow farting unicorns came from. Right here in this procrastination place. A dangerous place for me to be. Soon the shiny new ideas will come to call, tempting me to write them down.

A dangerous place for me to be today. A dangerous place indeed.


Susan Kelley said...

Will you feel better if I promise to use, 'the bee's knees' tomorrow at least three times?

Ava Quinn said...

That will definitely help me in my quest, Sue. Thanks!

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