Wednesday, January 9, 2013

T.i.C. 2012 in Review- Finally

So have you noticed that I haven't been very keen on reviewing last year? The hostile polka takeover notwithstanding, it was one of the hardest years of my life. I'm trying to change my perception of it and look on the bright side. My oldest daughter and my father DIDN'T die in the same week. And I had a whole extra year with my beloved dog. But I'm not quite there yet. So let's do this thing.

Here is a truncated version of what went on at Tongue in Cheek during 2012.

I handed over my taxidermied 'Possum Queen crown to the 2012 winner. I extolled the virtues of the band OK Go. And I gave the 2011 wrap up. Also late. Hmm, I'm seeing a trend.

In February, the first rumblings of discontent in the Eastern European Polka community reached my trailerhood. I got an awesome Valentine's Day present from The Man. I ruminated on the different search items that got you to me (including possum ninja and big belly overalls.). And I had my annual Groundhog Day freakout.

The Polka terrorists took over Tongue in Cheek. (I advise against watching the clip. I'd hate to be responsible for what happens.) I was able to get a message out to my loyal readers that the Polka Mafia was going down. The Polka Empire struck back. But the gnomes and rednecks were victorious in the end. Though not without some casualties.

The party celebrating the definitive victory over the lederhosen wearing enemy went on for days. I finally had to boot out the squatters. Then since you, gentle readers, were exposed to large doses of polka due to the takeover, I felt it my duty to stage a group polka intervention. I then obsessed about my writing.

In May I went to the local roller derby to watch a bout. It was awesome. My BFF went mad, demanding that we would be going mechanical bull riding. Then my father had a heart attack. And then just a few days later my oldest had an emergency appendectomy that became very complicated.

Got the oldest Urchin home and repaid all your kind words with reruns for the rest of the month. Sorry about that, but things were a bit busy with recovery efforts.

The oldest Urchin had a six week recovery time, plus easing back into things slowly after that, so July is also a bit sparse. Though, of course the sea monkeys, who always fight dirty, made a territory grab that month. They expanded their terrain from the upstairs bathtub to the fish tank. They are still continuing their efforts to control the freakishly large carny goldfish living there.

August brought a real grab bag of musings. I postulated on Sea Monkeys and carny food as I prepared for the fair in the back yard. I went to the roller derby again. And I harkened back to my old boy bands of yore. Menudo anyone?

September brought more roller derby, vigilante knitters, and more Sea Monkeys. Among other things.

In October, I showed signs of getting old, my mother came to visit, spurring a new hobby interest that involves roadkill, and I wished you a happy Halloween Ray Harryhousen style.

Author Delynn Royer stopped by and answered the standard interview questions here at Tongue in Cheek. She scored well on the Sea Monkey S.A.T. portion. I shared some music from modern blues singer, Seasick Steve and bemoaned the evilness of voice mail. I supported some local authors (Natalie Damschroder and Megan Hart) at their book signing. And strange things were heard from the back of the minivan.

I lost the best dog I'd ever known to cancer and I turned into a chrysalis. Again.

So there it is in all its nut shell glory. A brief recap of 2012 here at Tongue in Cheek. I hope last year treated you better than it did me.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2013 for all!


M.J. Fifield said...

I think I missed the possum ninja post. Hilarious search term. For a while people were getting to my blog by searching for "Belgian Malinois bites Taylor Launter"

Go figure.

Best wishes for a happy, shiny 2013!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I hope '13' is lucky for you. I'm still not over losing my dog and it's going on three years.

Ava Quinn said...

Talk about a crazy search term, Melissa. Oy!! lol

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Sue. Yes, those pups are so much more than just pets.

nutschell said...

what an awesome way to recap your 2012 highlights. 2013 is going to be just as exciting, for sure:)


Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Nutschell! :)

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