Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Silent Lurker Day!

Hello and welcome to the first annual Silent Lurker Day! I'm here to pay tribute to you, the silent lurker, the heart beat of hope of every small time blogger. So where ever you're from, what ever you do, feel free to leave a comment and say howdy. I won't even scare you with any disturbing Elvis pictures or coughborecough regale you with my sea monkey battles. It's all about you today.

In honor of Silent Lurker Day, I'll be coughinflictingonyoucough posting a new excerpt from one of my wips, and offering you a glimpse at some past posts that you may find enjoyable. So sit back and relax as we celebrate you, The Silent Lurker.

Who may very well view this blog as a rather compelling train wreck.


First Draft Excerpt from First Love, Only Love

"So, what do you think, hon?" Dixie asked coyly over the blaring country music, her voice dripping with innuendo.

"If he comes anywhere near me I'll probably puke on his shoes, and then where would I be?" Her voice came out more like a wail than the light-hearted response she’d tried for.

"I'd say out about four hundred bucks. Those are some expensive looking cowboy boots he's sportin'," Dixie drawled.

Why is he looking at me? She checked behind her to make sure there wasn't another girl he was really interested in. But there was no one, and when her eyes met his again they shone with amusement. He leaned over to one of his buddies and said something. They both began to laugh. His eyes had never left hers though, and she felt a blush creep up from the neckline of her silk tank top until it reached her forehead.

Dixie guffawed long and loud at her reaction, practically spewing her beer all over Bethany. "Oh honey, if you get any redder, you're gonna have heat stroke! Here. Drink this, it'll put hair on your chest and give you the courage you'll need when he struts his fine self over here to talk to you." She shoved the shot glass up to her mouth and practically drowned her cousin in booze in perfect drink or swim fashion.

Bethany sputtered and coughed as the liquid burned down her throat. She peeked up again, and the larger than life cowboy was laughing at her. Laughing! At her! Oh good gravy. Her eyes darted towards the exit again. It seemed miles away. She didn't really want to meet anyone. Especially not some huge masculine cowboy who made her quake in her little strappy sandals. It was all a mistake. She should just go back home to her farm in Vermont and forget all about experiencing men. Maybe she could get one of those electric boyfriends Dixie had told her about and just please herself for the rest of her life.

Her gaze gravitated back to the man across the room. She watched as he threw some money on the bar, said something to his friend and slapped him on the back. Then he turned his impressive body and headed straight for her.

Eeep! He's coming over here! Bethany turned wide panicked eyes to Dixie and sputtered, "Quick Dixie, make a diversion! I have to get out of here."

"A diversion? What are you talkin' about, honey?"

"You're good at making a spectacle of yourself. Just do something. Now!" she gritted through her teeth.

Before she knew what she was doing, Bethany slid all five feet nine inches of herself under the small table and crouched down as far as she could and stared at the floor. Clutching the circular support that held up the tabletop as much for support as for the tiny amount of cover it afforded her she chanted in her head. Be the table. Beee the table. Blend. Blend.

She could hear Dixie above her ranting indignantly to herself. "Of all the ungrateful ingrates. I do not make a spectacle of myself. I'm spunky, that's all!"

Just then two very large cowboy boots came to a stop directly in the little patch of scuffed floor she'd been praying would open so she could dive through it.

She pulled in a deep breath and held it. That's when she heard Dixie drawl, "Hey there, cowboy. She's under the table."

It's still very rough and like everything else - incomplete.

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So Happy Silent Lurker Day to all. And to those of you crazy enough to follow me publicly, I salute you! You're braver than I am.


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Why, hello!

Ava Quinn said...

Hey, Jess. Happy Silent Lurker Day!

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