Thursday, April 25, 2013

And Now For Something Astounding

This is a clip of the Nicholas brothers from Stormy Weather. Fred Astaire said it was the best piece of dancing ever captured on film. Who's going to argue with Fred? Not me. The part where they jumped over each other on the stairs was done in one take. Get ready for your jaw to drop.

You're welcome.

(The man they slap hands with in the beginning is Cab Calloway.)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding an Impatient Balance

This has been a terrifyingly busy month. I found myself juggling several new huge projects along with everything else I’m doing in my life. It threw my balance right over. To the point that I wished I could find a mental chiropractor to straighten me out. Since there aren’t any, I did it myself. It took a few days to rearrange my life into a new order, but now I believe I have a rhythm that will work.

But it’s eating at me that I’ve had to compromise and reduce some of the time I’d had for other things. Namely, writing.  I’m impatient to finish these projects, which are exterior goals for others, and get back to writing- an interior goal for myself. Even though on the horizon, there may be a full-time job opportunity, which will have me rearranging once again.

But I think my impatience is good. It keeps me striving to do more and be on the lookout for opportunities to forward my writing career. It’s an outward indication of the passion I feel for becoming a published author. So even though my mother always told me that patience is a virtue, for me, it’s the impatience that will get it done.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oy, That Oldest Urchin!

I spent two and a half hours this morning at the local urgent care facility with the oldest Urchin, who is now eight. That girl. I'm telling you, it's a wonder I don't have more grey hair than I already do. Some of you remember the emergency appendectomy of last summer where what could go wrong did. And The Lyme disease of the summer before that. And the never-explained illness of her kindergarten year, complete with lots of blood work, head x-ray and cat scan.

So here's the latest saga. On Friday morning at school, she apparently found a bug in her hair and ripped it out. She went to the nurse because it left a mark. Nurse applied antibiotic ointment and the Urchin remembered to tell me about it. I checked it out, and there was a red mark and possibly a scab. Saturday comes and goes with me checking it periodically. Saturday night I finally decide I don't think it's a scab.

And it's not. It's insect mouth parts.

Which I try with no success to remove. So I apply liberal amounts of ichthamol (which reminds me of the living sludge from Creep Show*) in a hail Mary attempt to draw out said insect mouth parts.

Icky, icky, ichthamol.

* Not for the weakly constituted. This clip is really gross.

It was a long, hard, painful extraction, in which that brave little toaster only said "ow" twice, and I'm happy to report that all visible bug parts have been removed. Sigh. Here's hoping tomorrow's a little less adventurous.

So how was your weekend?

Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Over My Guacamole Prejudice

Just thought you'd like to know.

I'd never even let it enter my line of sight, let alone cross my palate. Too green. Too mushy. Too weird looking.

I mean seriously, is this not the food of the alien overlords?

But all that is over now. (Look at me grow )

I'm now officially addicted to guacamole, with a layer of salsa on top, spread over sliced french bread. It's my new favorite thing to eat.

What's your newest favorite food? How about your tried and true favorite dishes? Lay it on me as I lay on some guac!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Somebody Stop Me

I've got to stop volunteering. I swore I wouldn't be the one completely in charge of my daughter's off site environmental field day for her entire elementary school. But here I am, completely in charge of it. In charge of finding volunteers, planning all the activities, scheduling all the events, preparing materials lists and then acquiring them. There's more, but I won't bore you.

From the last writer's meeting to this I've critiqued twelve chapters from three different people, wrote three new chapters of my own, edited them and sent them off to my crit partner and was well on my way to getting a jump on writing the next chapter. My writers' meeting is Saturday, and I rocked my writing goal for the month. I made some pretty good progress, yet now I've gone and tied up my time with a huge, though beneficial, volunteer project.

I think I'm self sabotaging. Maybe deep down in my subconscious I don't really want to finish a book and attempt to sell it. Maybe all this writing and working on craft and self education on the different avenues of publishing are all a ruse. Maybe deep down I just want to be . . .

Now I'm off to align state science and ecology standards with outdoor activities. Seriously. Somebody really needs to stop me.

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