Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tongue In Cheek 2013 In Review

Hi everyone. I'm actually getting my year in review out a little earlier than usual. Go figure! I started blogging in 2008. Yes. That long ago. And yes, I probably should have more followers by now, but it takes a special person to sign on publicly for my particular brand of crazy. And for your dedication, I salute you! (insert Three Amigo's salute here***)

Here are the three years in which I did do a review. Just in case, you know, you'd like a disturbing look back at what goes through my head on a yearly basis.

2010's year in review
2011's year in review
2012's year in review

And now, on to 2013!

I expounded on my conspiracy theory about how Bratz are the precursors to an alien takeover. A deer T-boned my mini van. I revealed what a girls' night in at Chez Quinn with the Urchins looks like (hint, Star Wars played a major role). I regaled singers and songwriters/storytellers of The Blues and shared one of my favorite female Blues artist. Among other things.


I explained how my carny goldfish and the Sea Monkey tribe from my bathtub were in cahoots. Author Sara Walter Ellwood stopped by for an interview. A very dear, old friend of mine, WWII veteran, Marine, wonderful man, passed away. I got to escape into the real world with my bff. Craziness, of course, ensued. I drove my daughter's former teacher home from conferences in her brand new, one day old car as she puked into a trashcan, riding shotgun. I lamented on the brutality of February and retaliated against it with some excellent Funk Music.

The flu raged through Casa de Quinn. I took a closer look at the mutton chop in my series on the sideburn. Mii music and my secret imaginary boyfriend attempted to kill me. I also offered pirate translation services.

I made a plea to myself to stop volunteering. The oldest Urchin was again inflicted with a semi-serious affliction. I found the upside of impatience when it comes to my writing. I declared my new found love of guacamole. And I shared a clip of the absolutely astounding Nicholas Brothers.

I did way too many things.  I had a motorcycle accident. I did even more volunteer work. I visited paradise for three days. And did even more work.

I saw the powerful movie Girl Rising. My 71 year old mother enjoyed the roller derby. I worried about my Youngest Urchin's villain tendencies and then figured I shouldn't look too closely at myself. And then my opthalmologist tried to shiv my eye.

I found an AC/DC playing, fire shooting bagpiper.  I again did way too much. We went to Montana to visit my parents and I set up some moldy-oldy TiC reruns.

I had double eye infections. The Oldest Urchin had eye troubles and I reminisced about the crazy things that went wrong with her birthday parties. I rejoined the work force. And other stuff.

I shared my impressions of working with three year olds. I had some more fun with taxidermied squirrels. I lamented with Madeleine Kahn that I was tired. I participated in Melissa Maygrove's awesome brainchild, Follow Fest.

My Urchins and I reveled in watching Star Wars. Again. I lamented that I didn't get a flu shot. I went to the NJRW conference and later got a very nice award from the very nice Ashley Nixon. I ruminated on selling my beloved motorcycle. And I went all soft and geeky over Star Wars jack-o-lanterns.

A head cold laid me low. Much hilariousness ensued. I participated in the fabulous Mina Lobo's Resurrection Blogfest II. I discussed rocket ship underwear, and writing and music. And I celebrated Thanksgiving with Arlo Guthrie.

I lamented that I didn't stop volunteering and proposed some great products to facilitate your holiday shopping. I shared the last of the roller derby bouts and put my motorcycle into hibernation. I made some excuses for not blogging due to all my busy-ness, I started to develop a personality test based on the parts of Christmas specials that a person liked best. And the Oldest Urchin and I got the flu. Again.

So there you have it. Almost all the zaniness of a year full of Tongue in Cheek in one blog post. I hope it didn't make your brain explode.

Here's to a great 2014 for us all!



M.J. Fifield said...

I always enjoy your year in review posts. So many times I end up exclaiming, "How did I miss that post?!?"

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I had to take a nap after reading all that. Slow down, girl, and keep the cycle.

Carol Kilgore said...

Re your could have made him watch Bratz dancing to Bagpipe Blues, smeared him with guacamole, and run over him with your motorcycle.

Happy 2014!

Sherry Ellis said...

That could not have been fun having a double eye infection! Hopefully you'll have a healthy 2014!

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, M.J.!

You've gotta watch me. I'm wily. I sneak craziness in wherever I can.

Ava Quinn said...

Sorry I put you to sleep, Sue. So far I think I will be keeping the cycle. I just get nervous thinking about riding again now that I've had the accident.

Ava Quinn said...

Bwaa haa haa, Carol! That'd teach him!

Happy 2014 to you too!

Ava Quinn said...

It was quite a p.i.t.a., Sherry. Thanks for the well wishes! Have a super 2014, yourself!

Cathrina Constantine said...

Wow, what a post. Great foreshadowing,You didn't get the flu shot---And in Dec. you and oldest got the flu. Yuck. Hope 2014 will be a healthy one.

Ava Quinn said...

Thanks, Cathrina. Same goes for you!!

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