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AtoZ Interests and Hobbies-Motorcycles and Roller Derby

Hello again all you cool cats! So glad you stopped by on the AtoZ Challenge. Today's letter "I" stands for interests, of which I have many. Taxidermied squirrels, vigilante knitting, and roadkill art to name a few. But today I'll be reposting a homage to roller derby and my motorcycle from 2012. Enjoy!
Feel the Roller Derby Love
Have I mentioned that my new love is the roller derby? I almost went stag to the bout on Sunday. But the fabulous Misty Simon not only went with me, but spotted me ten bucks so I could purchase a new roller derby tee shirt!

Ava Quinn contemporary western romance, cowboy romance, contemporary western romance novels, funny blog, contemporary western romance author,
I owe Misty more than $10. I owe her eternal fealty for making sure I got THIS!!!!
Ava Quinn contemporary western romance, cowboy romance, contemporary western romance novels, funny blog, contemporary western romance author,
My new pretty.
Misty is now a hard core roller derby fan, just like myself. My plan is working. I'm adding to my roller derby fan girl crew one recruit at a time. No one knows who will be next!

Ava Quinn contemporary western romance, cowboy romance, contemporary western romance novels, funny blog, contemporary western romance author,
The first pretty that the B.F.F. got for my birthday. It's my precioussss!!!

So I am now the proud owner of two very cool derby shirts, which just happen to match my motorcycle perfectly.

Ava Quinn contemporary western romance, cowboy romance, contemporary western romance novels, funny blog, contemporary western romance author,
Vroom Vroom!!
Deep down, motorcycle owners know its all about the accessorizing.  When I had a bright yellow, purple and black Ninja, (which I'd named "the angry bumble bee") you know I had the yellow and black helmet to go with it.

And I swear, before any Harley owner is allowed to pick up their ride, they're forced to the back room to sign a contract stating they will wear all black and never smile whenever they're riding. (I'm sure the huge guy with the name "Bubba" stitched on his leather vest who's standing back there glowering at them had nothing to do with it.)

I'll never understand that, (the not smiling part, that is) because when I get to ride my motorcycle, this is what I look like:


Back to the bout before I digress right off the page. I still haven't come up with my roller derby name yet, (The B.F.F. is still set on Pound Cake for some odd reason.)

There were a lot of good ones at the bout on Sunday. (sunday. Sunday! SUNDAAAAY! We'll sell you a ticket for the whole seat, BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!!) Dawn of Valhalla, Ida Hitthat, Mystery Violence Theater 3000, and Dirty Girlscout were a few. But the name that had me giggling like an adolescent middle school boy every time they announced it was Her Heiny Granger.

So what's your new love? Is anything right now making you maniacally happy? Or do you have a crazy hobby you'd like to share? Lay it on us!

Now I have to get back to my Sea Monkey wars. They're gaining territory and I don't want them to get used to it. I will soon be engaging in some major chemical warfare. Until next time, Citizens!


Natasha Duncan-Drake said...

I have to admit I've only ever seen Roller Derby on CSI :) Looked bonkers to me ;). My husband likes motorbikes, but I won't let him have one. Our roads are just too dangerous. He has to stick with little fast cars instead :).
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Andrea said...

UGH! Today I am off to battle someone else's sea monkeys!

Ava Quinn said...

@Tasha lol! Little fast czars are fun too!

@Andrea Oh nooo! You're very brave to deal with an new enemy!

debi o'neille said...

I think Pound Cake is a cute name. :-)

Pat Hatt said...

Never seen roller derby in real life. Those sea monkeys can sure cause strife

Marci Koski said...

Ha ha haaaa!!! You definitely need a Storm City Roller Girls shirt! Tonight is actually my first official scrimmage and I am so excited (I look like the Will Farrel picture you have posted). Cheer for Gritty Cat tonight, will ya? Loved the post! - marci (aka Gritty) :D


Stopping in from A-Z and the Unconventional Librarians Alliance. I always wanted to be a Roller Derby Queen. I loved the Thunderbirds.

Sherry Ellis said...

Cool shirts - and double cool that they match your motorcycle!

Kate Larkindale said...

I love roller derby. One of the girls I work with is really big in it here and I love going to see her smash people up...

Crystal Collier said...

LOL. I think the not smiling is about not catching bugs in your teeth. ;)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Hope you're back on your bike soon. Never saw Roller Derby live but my brother and I used to watch it late night when we were kids.

randi lee said...

I've only seen roller derby on TV and in sitcoms, but it looks like it'd be an absolute hoot to watch live...or, if I'm brave enough...even take part in!

Liz Blocker said...

OMG, I have always always always wanted to go to a roller derby match! I know, it's so silly that I haven't. It just looks SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. (Yes, I'm aware that there are some fangirl squees happening here. I blame this one you ;) )

Also - Pound Cake? HILARIOUS. As is Her Heiny Granger!

Lexa Cain said...

I have a biker gang in my new WIP. They're called the Pythons and instead of smiling, they smirk. It took me a while to get "Her Heiny Granger." The original Hermione was a long time ago... I LOVE "the edge of your seat" thing!! :)

Sunday Visitor said...

Lovely word for I. My interest lies in Books.

Ava Quinn said...

@debi lol! I'll let the bff know you approve!

@Pat You don't know the half of it!

@Marci Why yes. Yes I do. Hope you hit 'em hard last night Gritty Cat!!!

@StillMagnolia You sound like my kinda gal! :)

@Sherry I know, right? lol!

@Kate It's so much fun to watch!

@Crystal You may be onto something. lol!

@Sue Thanks, Sue!

@randi lee Yowza! You're brave to try it. I love watching it, though!

@Liz It's so much fun. I HIGHLY recommend it!

@Lexa I have a biker gang in one of my wips as well. That subculture is scary. And dangerous.

@Sunday Visitor I adore books!! Thanks for stopping in!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

I've never been but so want to one day! I've seen it on tv and read about it in books. One of my favorite series by Shelly Laurenston some of the heroines are on a team together. It's a riot. Love those shirts!

Happy A to Z-ing!
herding cats & burning soup.

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